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Domestic sprinklers are the equivalent of having a Firefighter, ready and waiting, in every room of your home.

At Humberside Fire and Rescue Service we would like to see domestic sprinklers fitted as standard to all new homes built in the future. Wales is currently leading the way in this field in the UK and they recently passed legislation that requires just that.

To fit domestic sprinklers in a home that is already built, can be quite costly, however to fit them when a house is being built only costs around the equivalent of a good quality carpet. A small price to pay for the ultimate protection.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service is one of the first Services in England to be working with partners to identify residents who may benefit from having sprinkler systems fitted in their homes.

Should you wish to install a AWSS sprinkler system in your house or commercial premises please contact the Technical Fire Safety Section, in the first instance, at Humberside Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters, Summergroves Way, Hessle HU4 7BB or telephone on 01482 565333.

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