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Youth Training / BTEC

Why youth training?

We provide youth training because the National Framework for the Fire and Rescue Service, the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 and the Services responsibility under section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, have all confirmed the continued need and responsibility for the Fire and Rescue Service to proactively support children and young people.

Humberside Fire and Rescue work with children and young people raises their awareness of the dangers of fire, arson and road traffic collisions. The BTEC Level 2 programmes add measureable value to the Service, Local Education Authorities and partner performance strategies through a range of innovative, flexible and coherent programmes of activities. These programmes inform them of the risks to themselves and their community caused by antisocial behaviour and careless behaviour and the risk to service personnel through false or malicious calls. We also provide opportunities for children and young people to work with its staff and help them to become more able, safer and responsible citizens.

What do we do?

We deliver a ‘BTEC Level 2 Award, Certificate or Diploma in the Fire and Rescue Service in the Community’ programme to young people aged 14-19. The programme is unit based and covers a diverse range of knowledge appropriate to a modern Fire and Rescue Service, incorporating 26 different subject areas.

The course is split between the fire station training ground and classroom. Much of the work is practical where the students are taught firefighting skills and techniques developing soft skills such as teamwork, problem solving and communication, but there is also the element which focuses on the risks of arson and the role of the fire service within the community. The programme also incorporates a St Johns First Aid qualification and British Safety Council Hazard Awareness qualification.

The programmes range from 12 week Award to 2 year Certificate/Diploma programmes incorporated into the schools academic curriculum. Delivered currently from local fire stations: Clough RoadScunthorpeCromwell RoadBarton and Bridlington.

What difference are we making?

Since the first pilot BTEC scheme held in 2008 at Scunthorpe the number of BTEC programmes has so far exceeded our strategic target with us successfully engaging with over 300 students service wide, with the following results:

BTEC Award level 86% pass rate
BTEC Certificate level 92% pass rate
BTEC Diploma level 80% pass rate

The programmes enable young people to grow in confidence, develop team skills, increase self awareness and builds young peoples moral values. It also impacts on community cohesion by bringing together young people from different backgrounds and develops their understanding and appreciation for the communities in which they live.

Please click here to visit the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service BTEC website.

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