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Partnerships, Sponsorship and Awards

Partnerships play an important role in providing the pro-active approach to improving community safety by preventing fires in the home, thus reducing the numbers of fire incidents the service need to attend. Our partners help us to identify people who are vulnerable to risks from fires and enable us to intervene and provide interventions to reduce their risk from fire. To view our Register of Partnerships, please click here.

Over £15,000 has been obtained in corporate sponsorship plus free use of two vehicles, premises for training and laboratory use and stationery.

In excess of £419,000 has been obtained from applications submitted to external bodies, including funding for the Icar, BTEC and Fire wall and Electrical safety projects.

Internal awards
Over £50,000 has been raised in sponsorship to fund the annual Community Awards, which sees staff, members of the public and partners recognised for their exemplary work.

External awards
The Service and its staff have successfully been nominated for more than 20 national awards including Winner of the LGC Partnership award, annual High Sheriff’s awards and a Local Government Yorkshire and Humber award for ‘Making the connection’ and runners up for the Local Government Awards for the Sprinkler Project. 
Partnership, Sponsorship and awards enquiries can be directed to Katrina Goodhand, Partnerships Officer: or Tel: 01472 372503.

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