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Arson Reduction

Deliberate ignition is the largest single cause of fires in the country and accounts for approximately XX% of all fires attended by Humberside Fire & Rescue Service. Addressing the problem of arson and deliberate fire setting is a priority for Humberside Fire & Rescue Service and work is being done to specifically tackle this problem across the area.

The Service works closely with many key agencies including the Police, anti-social behaviour teams, housing and other local authority departments. In addition to their extensive knowledge base, many of these partnerships provide the necessary legislative powers to enable the Service to deal with the issues that contribute to deliberate fires e.g. the securing of empty properties, removal of fly tipping and addressing the issues of anti-social behaviour.

Deliberate fires affect communities by adversely impacting on the reputation and image of the area. Many of those committing arson and anti-social behaviour related fires are well known to residents. We need as much information as possible about those starting deliberate fires in the community, the more information we have the better equipped we are to take positive action against those responsible.

Information can be passed on anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

What you can do to prevent arson

Basic steps you can take to help protect your property area:

  • Minimise the amount of combustible material that is left in and around buildings
  • Ensure your property is secure with adequate locks on doors and windows and the provision of security lighting
  • Carry out a fire risk assessment, fit smoke alarms and plan an effective escape route
  • Park vehicles in a well-lit place, fit an anti-theft device and do not leave valuable on show

Protecting your home

Whilst less likely to be as a result of an opportunistic attack, domestic arson is often linked to other crimes such as burglary, domestic violence or hate-related crimes. It is preferable to prevent a fire in the first place and preventing arson in the home is closely linked with preventing intruders gaining access – ensure all windows and doors are locked at night and when the house is empty. If there have been arson attacks in the local area, you might want to consider installing an arson-proof letterbox.


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