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Welcome to The East Riding of Yorkshire area of the website. The East Riding is the largest single Fire District in England covering some 240,768 hectares (930 sq mi) and has a population of 334,673. The geography of the East Riding and the diverse range of risks across the district can and does present some challenges for the Fire Service. The diversity of risk ranges from the larger market and seaside towns where the bigger centres of population are located to very remote villages and communities. There are also the seasonal fluctuations in population, the significant road network and the larger industrial sites to consider when preparing and planning for emergencies.

In order to respond effectively to this diverse range of risk and keep our communities safe we operate 13 fire stations located across the county with a 24/7 365 days a year response capability. We rely heavily on on call Firefighters who are members of the local community that are trained and equipped to provide a professional front line emergency service back to the community.

Many people will not be aware that we do far more than put fires out and respond to other emergencies, in fact we do an increasingly significant amount of work in communities on prevention and protection (building safety regulation) in conjunction with partner agencies to increase the safety of the communities and businesses in the East Riding. We have dedicated prevention and protection teams, working in the community and with partners on a daily basis in a very targeted way to prevent fires occurring in the home or the workplace and provide advice on safety.

All of our work is dedicated towards making East Riding a safer place to live, work and visit. It is our intention to further develop all aspects of our service to meet the specific needs of the communities we serve.

Please make regular visits to this page to see what is happening in your area.


Population 336,007

Size of Area 929 square miles


Fire Appliances: 23

23: Fires Put-out (stats from February 2016)

89: Incidents Attended (stats from February 2016)

Fire stations in this CPU


Beverley is a market town in the East Riding of Yorkshire noted for its Minster and architecturally significant religious buildings. The town is 1300 years old and is home to Beverley Racecourse and the oldest grammar school in the country, Beverley Grammar School. The fire station opened in 1982 and is also home to our Occupational Health and Health and Safety teams and is also our administrative hub in the East Riding. Beverley Fire Station covers the town of Beverley, and consists of many villages in a mainly rural location with associated road networks. The River Hull cuts through the station area.

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Bridlington Fire Station was established in 1960 and it is the Service’s northern most fire station. It serves the seaside resort and sea fishing port of Bridlington and the surrounding areas

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Brough Fire Station covers Brough and surrounding villages and has 19 on-call firefighters. It is based within the grounds of British Aerospace and crewed by personnel who work there. The station area covers the busy A63 dual carriageway and part of the M62 motorway that runs through it. The southern boundary of the station area is bordered by the River Humber.

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Driffield Fire Station opened in 1964, it is crewed by on-call firefighters who serve the market town and surrounding rural areas. The station area covers the market town of Driffield including the busy showground.

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Goole Fire Station, established in 1969, is situated on the outskirts of the town. It is crewed by a combination of fulltime and on-call firefighters who serve the port town. The station area has a large port and a significant amount of industry as well as housing. The M62 motorway passes through the station area.

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Hornsea Fire Station was established in 1965 and serves the seaside town and it’s surrounding areas. The station is crewed by on-call firefighters.

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Howden Fire Station, based to the east of the market town, was established in 1964. It is crewed by on-call firefighters who serve Howden and the surrounding areas. The M62 motorway runs through the area and the River Ouse.

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Market Weighton

Market Weighton Fire Station, established in 1967, is crewed by on-call firefighters serving the market town and its surrounding areas.

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Patrington Fire Station, established in 1959, serves the village of Patrington and the surrounding areas of Holderness. It is crewed by on-call firefighters and is located on the northern edge of the village.

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Preston Fire Station, established in 1957 is located to the south of the village on the road leading to the neighbouring village of Hedon. The station is crewed by on-call firefighters who provide fire cover for Preston and the surrounding areas of Holderness.

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From To Personnel Appliances Incidents Fires
01 02 2012 28 02 2013 351 23
01 06 2014 30 06 2014 360 23 198 61
01 07 2014 31 07 2014 359 23 297 75
01 08 2014 31 08 2014 358 23 272 81
01 09 2014 30 09 2014 353 23 227 86
01 10 2014 31 10 2014 349 23 194 49
01 11 2014 30 11 2014 349 23 318 160
01 12 2014 31 12 2014 349 23 179 53
01 01 2015 31 01 2015 350 23 204 57
01 02 2015 28 02 2015 348 23 111 41
01 03 2015 31 03 2015 359 23 111 41
01 04 2015 30 04 2015 356 23 211 83
01 05 2015 31 05 2015 355 23 192 81
01 06 2015 30 06 2015 343 23 153 53
01 07 2015 31 07 2015 334 23 207 58
01 08 2015 31 08 2015 23 246 93
01 09 2015 30 09 2015 23 218 65
01 10 2015 31 10 2015 23 203 51
01 11 2015 30 11 2015 23 228 51
01 12 2015 31 12 2015 23 228 48
01 01 2016 31 01 2016 23 192 44
01 02 2016 29 02 2016 23 89 23


Humberside Fire and Rescue Service – East Riding
New Walkergate
HU17 9EQ

To enable us to assess the dwelling risk within our communities, our area is divided into 41 groupings of around 20,000 residents; we call these ‘risk regions’ and there are 41 such risk regions within our Service area, varying in geographical size. The dwelling risk rating is based upon the casualty and fatality rate per head of population, within each risk region.

Our Response Standards tell you how quickly we will have a fire engine in attendance at an incident. They are based on domestic risk areas, assessed as high, medium or low risk.

Two fire engines will be mobilised to dwelling fires and Road Traffic Collisions. The first will be in attendance within the following times, on a minimum of 90% of occasions.

• High Risk Area 8 Minutes
• Medium Risk Area 12 Minutes
• Low Risk Area 20 Minutes
• Road Traffic Collision in any Risk Area 15 Minutes

The second fire engine mobilised to a dwelling fire or a Road Traffic Collision will be in attendance within 5 minutes of the first fire engine arriving at the incident, on a minimum 80% of occasions. We are proud to say that, despite the standards we set for attending incidents across the service area being some of the most challenging in Great Britain, we consistently exceed our response targets.

East Riding Risk Map

Risk Area Risk Rating
Beverley Low
Boothferry Low
Bridlington Medium
Brough Low
Derringham Low
Driffield Low
Flamborough Low
Goole Medium
Hornsea Low
North Wolds Low
Pocklington Low
Preston Low
Skidby Low
Springhead (ER/Hull) Low
Spurn Low
Westella Low

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