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Inside Immingham - follow our new recruits on their training course blog

11 September 2017

Our 20 newest recruits began their wholetime firefighter course at Immingham West Training Centre on 4 September 2017. Over the next 14 weeks, the recruits will be writing a blog to record their experiences as they take their first steps towards a rewarding new career.

Inside Immingham - follow our new recruits on their training course blog

Week 6 09 - 15 October

Recruit FF Robin Puplett

Red and Blue Squads split up this week to begin our speciality training. For Reds it is three weeks of BA (breathing apparatus) which we've all really been looking forward to.

Day one didn't disappoint, as we got stuck into some theory and were then introduced to our BA sets which are a complex and high tech piece of kit. With that done, it was time to get into the OTC which is a purpose built building, very reminiscent of 'Castle Greyskull', that is used to simulate various burning building scenarios and enable us access to realistic training scenarios.

Although our first venture in was a "cold wear", it soon became apparent that we were to be put through our paces navigating sewers, stairways, a variety of rooms and the infamous 'Smartie Tube'. As the name suggests, a very narrow tube is involved, but the fun ends there, as we squeezed our way into this impossibly small space and then inched our way along in complete darkness until, after what seems like a lifetime, the end mercifully comes. Although difficult, this achievement did our confidence the world of good and proved that our equipment is second-to-none. It was a great introduction to moving in BA and had us all eager for more.

The next three days were focused on Compartment Fire Behaviour Training (CFBT) and Tactical Firefighting. These sessions took place in shipping containers in which fires are created giving us the chance to observe development and practice firefighting techniques.

To give us all maximum exposure to this training the group was split with some of us heading up to North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service's training centre in Easingwold. The North Yorkshire instructors made us very welcome and did their best to ensure we got to experience some rather toasty conditions and witness some brilliant backdraught demonstrations.

We rounded the week off on Friday with more in-depth training at HQ and a series of visits back into the OTC to practice rescue techniques and some more confined space challenges which had us removing our BA sets in complete darkness whilst remaining under air. A fantastic introduction to BA and we can't wait to get stuck back into it next week!


Week 5 02 - 08 October

Recruit FF Ryan Purchon

Week five saw us enter our final week of pumps and ladders for a while as we now separate into our specialist units (IEC,BA, RTC and water rescue).

Had a visit down to Howdens Joinery to see some business safety systems this week which was above and beyond the required level needed, so was interesting to learn about it.

We went down into Grimsby to perform a large water relay on a big open area. One of the recruits was so amazed by visiting Grimsby he had to ring his girlfriend when we got back to tell her all about it!

Our final swim session down at Immingham Leisure Centre went well. We all enjoyed it and the instructor decided to join us in the pool at the end of the session with some persuasion (she was thrown in!).

Another birthday on the course this week so we had another cake baked by Terry and Jan. Got to watch those calories!!

Friday's exam came and went with no dramas - all passed again and we found out our scores during the appraisals. To finish the week we were out the back doing some big combination drills and then a brief on the following week's activities for the two squads.

Over a third of the way through now - roll on week six!


Week 4 25 September - 1 October

Recruit FFs Lee James & James Ventham

Everyone returned for week four which started with specialist Working at Heights Instructors taking the squads and sending us 'over the edge'.  The first day was classroom based, going through all the theory and specialist kit. On the evening we had a visit from WM Bryan to talk about the RDS (retained) system.

Tuesday saw our first taste of practical working at heights. There were a few white knuckles and some people (who shall remain nameless) that were not too keen on heights….. We also had our first attempts at ladder carry downs and also using a roof ladder.

Although we still have ten more weeks to go, talk of station allocations came up between all of us - people wanting to know where there are going to be based at the end of the course. We haven’t yet put our preferences in, but hopefully we will find out soon.

Wednesday and Thursday saw us spilt into our squads. Blue Squad went to HQ for more Working at Heights drills and at the end of the day an impromptu Working at Heights exam was thrust upon the squad. The team did well considering they had no time for revision. Red Squad spent the day at Immingham doing combination drills. On the Thursday both squads swapped over, obviously Red squad spent Wednesday night revising for the Working at Heights exam….

Thursday night we celebrated Recruit FF West’s birthday with a lovely cake made by our onsite chef. Everyone then had their heads in the books revising for Friday's written exam and our first practical assessments.

Friday morning saw a few nervous faces, but the written exam was out of the way first thing and thankfully we all passed! We then had a lecture on Safeguarding Adults and Children. The afternoon saw our practical assessments in the form of Pumping, Knots & Lines and Ladders. Again, everyone passed which was a relief!


Week 3 18 - 24 September

Recruit FFs Paul Abbott & Ryan Purchon

After training for the last two weeks on pumping and ladders, this week saw them put together to form combination drills involving all 11 of us from our squad carrying out large drills. There was lots to think about, but the Red and Blue Squads are now working really well as teams with everyone knowing what tasks need to be done on the drill ground. As the week progressed, we all felt a great sense of achievement.

A relieving factor this week was that there was less ‘drilling by numbers’ - which involves shouting out numbers 1-4 or 1-5 to form crews going down the line of squad members. At least once a day someone would drop a clanger (myself included), resulting in the full squad having to run up to the top of the drill yard tower and back down again. It usually went something like “1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1......1!”...........”TOWER!”. Saying this though, we were caught cold once or twice by the instructors and needless to say, ended up back up the tower!

Tuesday was foam day and away we went in the minibus to a nearby petrochemical site to utilise their facilities. All was well when we arrived, until we realised one important part was missing........the fire engine! Eventually 20 minutes later it arrived, having taken a scenic route amidst all the excitement. The driver, who shall remain unnamed, took some flak, and proceeded to park the engine and then go on a guided tour of the site with Red Squad. It was time for Blue Squad to get stuck in using some foam; brilliant we thought, but one other important thing was missing - the keys for the fire engine, now happily touring the site in the unnamed driver's trouser pocket! Choice words swiftly followed.

Thursday morning saw some light relief in the form of some team building where we were split into four groups and pitted against each other in various tasks. One of which involved building a tower as high as possible using just newspaper capable of holding whiteboard markers on the top. The winning tower was slightly higher than ours, but they did have an extra 10 seconds after the time ran out to steady the structure!

Friday soon came round after a busy week and it was time for the weekly exam. Following lunch and some more combination drills, we were all ready for a deserved weekend back home.


Week 2 11 - 17 September

Recruit FF Lloyd Akers

After getting our hands on the appliances at the end of week one, the lads were raring to go for more of the same in the second week.

Week two saw the introduction of ladders and pumping from open water. With the exposure to pumping in week one, we all had a bit of an idea as to how to pump this way with only a quick run through being enough.

The newly introduced ladders and the ‘Confused Pitch’ resulted in confused faces and the Watch Managers being asked “could you just run through that once more…?”.

On Wednesday morning, we were packed off to Immingham Leisure Centre to go swimming. The general feeling amongst the lads was that we would go for a swim to show our readiness for the water rescue training that we will receive later on in the course.

On arrival we got changed into our Speedos, lined up on the pool side ready to have a splash around. The lady taking the session calmed us down, introduced herself and told us that we would warm up with a casual 32 lengths… there was no punchline! She was being serious, leading to some very tired little soldiers, especially with a full on afternoon to follow!

Throughout the week, the pressure of Friday’s exam hung over us. Where in week one we couldn’t wait to get out of the classroom, this week we were in there at any spare opportunity getting our heads around pressure laws, pumps and primers and windows and doors. Not all of the recruits took to the academic side of the course as easily as others, so we all chipped in together to get each other through as we do on the fire ground.

After a physically and mentally draining week, we were all ready for home, looking rough and feeling years older. Somebody who was a year older was Recruit Aaron ‘I have a false tooth’ Fewlass, whose birthday was on Thursday, donning his party hat with pride and giving everybody an award winning smile. Happy birthday pal!


Week 1 04-10 September

Recruit FF Lloyd Akers

The first day of our training was a slight anti-climax with a traffic jam on the way into Immingham making pretty much everybody late! On eventually beginning our course, our fingers quickly got plenty of exercise with three days of admin, Health and Safety briefings and labelling.

With the boring paperwork at the start of the course, people were getting frustrated and we all couldn’t wait to get out onto the yard and start playing with hoses. The boring stuff was actually a bit of a Godsend, with some of the lads having to learn to iron and polish shoes with parade being every morning where we are inspected by our Watch Managers.

On our first inspection, one of the recruits was certain he was ready to go; shirt and trousers crisply creased, fluff free and his shoes shiny. He made his way down to the appliance room with the rest of the recruits before realising he had the wrong trousers on to calls of “They’re the wrong trousers Grommit!!!”… Grommit hasn’t made the same mistake again.

(Honourable mentions need to be made for the recruit who blamed an iron burn on ‘starch’… he thought it was safe).

On Thursday we finally got out into the yard for our first drill sessions. We started by learning how to secure a hose out of control, crawling along the pipe and eventually standing with the hose to bring it under control.

We were quickly wishing we were back in the classroom when we were given a brutal 12 minutes of hose running, followed by an afternoon of hose drills, all topped off with a fitness assessment using the bleep test… knackering!

The lads are all bonding really well with plenty of banter flying around from day one (a lot of it can’t be repeated on this blog!). We all can’t quite believe we’re actually here at last and, after a couple of us helped out at the UKRO Challenge at the KCOM on Saturday, we’re all looking forward to much of the same next week.

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