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Hessle Road closure - 17.00hrs update

12 March 2018

Hessle Road has been closed between Eton Street and Boulevard since around 06.00hrs this morning after a fire broke out above the Family Market store. It is now likely to remain closed to traffic until sometime on Wednesday 14 March. A fire investigation officer and Humberside Police crime scene investigators remain on scene to ascertain the cause and origin of the fire. 

Hessle Road closure - 17.00hrs update

Incident background:

Crews were called to a commercial property fire at 05.15hrs this morning on the first floor above 'Family Market' on Hessle Road close to the junction with Boulevard.

Officer in charge Group Manager Simon Donnachie oversaw the response to extinguish the fire and evacuate residents of adjoining properties. During the incident there was a partial collapse of the building as the roof caved in and bricks and debris fell through the building and onto the pavement outside the shop.

No injuries were sustained by firefighters or members of the public.

At its height, six fire engines attended the incident along with the aerial ladder platform (ALP) and Command Unit (CU). The ALP was used to tackle the fire from above the height of the building.

To ensure the safety of pedestrians and passing motorists, Humberside Police cordoned off Hessle Road from Eton Street to Boulevard and this road closure will remain in place until Hull City Council engineers are satisfied with the structural integrity of the building. Diversions are in place. The pavement opposite has now re-opened.

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