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Consultation on our proposed Service Delivery Structure

We need your views to help shape the future of your fire and rescue service.

We're reviewing the structure of our teams who deliver services across our Local Authority areas (East Riding of Yorkshire, Kingston upon Hull, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire) a combined population of almost one million people.

Current structure

Our staff are currently split into two teams that work together to protect our communities.

Our Public Safety team’s primary aim is to make our communities safer. They do this by working with communities to help themselves wherever possible, gathering data to identify vulnerabilities to target our resources to help make positive change to people’s lives. Work with businesses to ensure they are compliant with relevant legislation and ensuring buildings are safe.

Our Emergency Response team is made up of operational staff (firefighters and managers) who respond to emergency calls from fire stations across the four Local Authority areas. They also emphasis the messages from Public Safety to our communities.

Both teams are centrally managed from Service Headquarters in Hull, by senior managers who specialise in Public Safety and Emergency Response. Due to the size and the diversity of risk within our covering area, our teams are split into geographic areas covering the North bank of the Humber and the South bank of the Humber.

The proposed structure

To maintain the high standards of service we deliver across the four Local Authority areas, and improving the visibility of local leadership and accountability for our staff, partners and communities. This involves combining the existing areas of Public Safety and Emergency Response into one area called Service Delivery.

The new structure provides a senior manager as a single point of contact for all fire and rescue matters within the Local Authority area. The senior manager in each Local Authority area will be responsible for all staff in that area.

This will not result in any change to staff numbers or loss of fire stations/fire service buildings.

Benefits of new structure:

  • A single point of contact with responsibility for all Fire and Rescue Service activities in each Local Authority area
  • Improved accountability and visible leadership for our communities, partner agencies and our staff
  • Improved understanding of local issues leading to better partnership relationships and working
  • Improved ability to allocate resources dynamically based on need within the local area
  • Decision making at a local level

Have your say and complete the survey below, before it closes on 18 July at 12.00 noon.

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If you have any questions about our consultations, please contact the Corporate Communication team: 

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