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Consultation Area

Our consultation on the plans below, closed at 12noon on Friday 3 November 2017. 

Strategic Plan (SP) 2018 - 2021

Keeping our communities and our firefighters safe, and contributing to the firefighting and rescue capability of the UK, is our main priority. This three year plan outlines what we want to achieve, how we will do it and what we need to do well to accomplish this.

Strategic Plan 2018 - 2021 from Humberside Fire on Vimeo.

Read the one page plan here

Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) 2018 - 2021

This three year plan identifies, assesses and effectively manages the risks facing our communities. It also includes the things we do to manage and reduce those risks, and how we will meet the response standards you can expect from us when we do turn out to emergencies.

Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) 2018 - 2021 from Humberside Fire on Vimeo.

Read the full plan here

An eight week consultation period will run from Monday 11 September 2017 and end on Friday 3 November 2017. 

All feedback will be presented to the Humberside Fire Authority on Friday 8 December and considered when preparing the final version of these plans.

If you have any questions about our consultations, please contact the Corporate Communication team: 


We also have a number of channels we utilise to engage with our staff, ranging from a Q and A area on our internal portal to group discussion meetings with our senior management team.

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