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Corporate Management Team

Please find below contact details for each member of our Corporate Management Team

Chief Fire Officer and Chief Executive

Contact: Dene Sanders

Tel: 01482 567417 Email:

Deputy Chief Fire Officer and Executive Director of Service Delivery

Contact: Chris Blacksell

Tel: 01482 567413 Email:

Executive Director of Service Support and S.151 Officer

Contact: Kevin Wilson

Tel: 01482 567174 Email:

Director of Emergency Response

Contact: Niall McKiniry

Tel: 01482 567413 Email:

Director of Public Safety

Contact: Phil Shillito

Tel: 01482 567413 Email:

Director of Service Support

Contact: Steve Topham

Tel: 01482 567174 Email:

Director of Human Resources

Contact: Miriam Heppell

Tel: 01482 567174 Email:

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