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Message of thanks

On this page you will find a summary of the messages of thanks we have received in 2017.

January 2017

Beverley Fire Station

A message of thanks has been received from a member of the public. They expressed their sincere thanks for the efforts of a firefighter from Beverley Fire Station. They described the firefighter, who showed their son around the appliance and equipment, as a credit to the organisation. The station visit made their young boy's day.

Humberside Fire and Rescue staff

A letter has also been received from Dove House Hospice thanking the Service for its continued support and generosity throughout 2016.

Bransholme Fire Station White Watch

A message of thanks has been received from a family member of a lady who was assisted by Bransholme White Watch and FF Aistrop and FF Wood of Hull FIRST (Falls Team). The response and support provided went over and above the lady's expectation. The professionalism and compassion shown by the attending crews supported the individual in times of sorrow.

Humberside Fire and Rescue staff

The service has received a thank you letter for a member of the public who attended the launch of the UK City of Culture 2017 fire engine.

February 2017

North East Lincs Public Safety 

A message of thanks has been received from a Grimsby resident, to say thank you for the service offered by North East Lincs Public Safety Advocates Shona Tinch and Julie Smith. She commended their informative friendly approach.

Humberside Fire and Rescue staff

The Service has received a letter of thanks from Northern Gas Networks, thanking those who supported and responded in Withernsea during the recent loss of gas supply. The efforts of all involved ensured that gas supplies were reinstated with minimal disruption to residents and local businesses.

Public Safety South Bank 

A message expressing thanks to Public Safety South Bank Technician Nicky Cousins has been received. The message stated that Nicky "was brilliant and could not have done enough during a home safety visit". The advice she issued was very valuable and much appreciated.

Goole Fire Station Red Watch

Newport Primary School sent in a message of appreciation for the efforts of Goole Red Watch and Dave Dillion of Public Safety North Bank. The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit. All were commended for their engaging approach.

Humberside Fire and Rescue staff

The Service has received a message of thanks from Yorkshire Ambulance Service following the attendance of the Hull FIRST team to a report of a patient in cardiac arrest. The message praises the action of the team whilst performing CPR, which resulted in a Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC) to the patient, and the patient being transferred to Hospital in a stable condition.

Peaks Lane Fire station

The family of Station Officer John Andrews sent their thanks to the Peaks Lane crew who attended his funeral. Their presence was greatly appreciated by his family.

Central Fire Station White Watch

Hull Central White Watch have received a message of thanks from a resident following a Safe and Well visit. The resident praised the crews for the service they offered. She now feels more confident about her safety following their visit.

Humberside Fire and Rescue staff

A message of thanks has been recieved from a member of the public who was extricated from her vehicle following a road traffic collision on Friday 13 January. She stated all attending crews were "amazingly brilliant", in particular FF Thomas, who kept her calm and reassured throughout.

Humberside Fire and Rescue staff

The Service has received a message of thanks from Councillor Joyce Korczak of Hull. She expressed her sincere appreciation for the professionalism and sensitivity shown by Clough Road Green Watch during an incident within her ward. She states all in attendance were a credit to themselves and the Service.

March 2017

Clough Road Fire Station

The Service has received a message of thanks from the Active Day Care Team, Hull. They sent their thanks and appreciation to Clough Road Green Watch for allowing them to visit the station. The friendly nature of all the crew created an experience that their members won't forget.

North Bank Community Safety

A member of the public has sent a letter of thanks. They would like to thank Davina Cunningham of the North Bank Community Safety Team for her efforts and willingness to help.

Pocklington Fire Station

Thank you so much for @HumbersideFire who came to see Year 1 @PockPrep this afternoon - a great time was had by all!

Cromwell Road Fire Station

A member of the public would like to thank Nicky and Lindsey of Cromwell Road for their help and advice provided on a recent visit. The resident found the visit extremely beneficial.

April 2017

North Lincolnshire Community Protection Unit

Following a recent visit, a member of the public has sent a letter of thanks for the prompt service provided by the staff at North Lincolnshire CPU, in particular Jane Pearson. She expressed her gratitude to all involved and left a donation towards the Firefighters Charity.

Barton Fire Station

Barton Station have received a letter of thanks from the family of Retired Sub Officer Fred Thompson. Fred sadly passed away on 15 March 2017. His family were grateful for the Guard of Honour and attendance of the Barton crew at his funeral last week.

Withernsea Fire Station

A message of thanks was received thanking Carl Frith from Withernsea who attended an incident as a First Responder to assist a man in Withernsea. The man thanked Carl for saving his life.

Hull Central Fire Station

A letter of thanks and a box of chocolates were received by Hull Central White Watch, following a rescue from a locked vehicle were the alarm was going off on Lineus Street, Hull. The rescued person said "to my rescuers, thank you, keep safe, the noise from the car was awful, enjoy the treats ”.

May 2017

Retained Watch Manager Tony Clark and Tony Gibson

Following a recent visit to Howdens Joinery by the newly passed out Firefighters, the Service would like to extend thanks to Retained Watch Manager Tony Clark and Tony Gibson of Howdens Joinery for their involvement in delivering Fire Safety input during Public Safety week. Their professionalism and knowledge greatly added to the success of the delivery.

Epworth Fire Station

A letter of thanks was sent to the crews at Epworth following assistance they gave to a resident: "Your 'day job' is very much appreciated and valued, we would like to thanks you for dignity, respect and compassion you showed to my Dad in helping him yesterday. It meant more than you'll know, Thanks you all for the work you do and the care you provide to the community.

From Facebook page

A message of thanks was posted on the Service Facebook page "Thanks for the rapid response and bravery of your crew for what seemed a serious incident at first. After a loud bang and flash followed by smoke came from our garage which contains compressors, cylinders and other combustible materials and liquids. I called 999 and stood clear across the road thinking the garage might blow up! The firefighers where there with in five minutes and bravely went straight in with all their PPE on. Fortunately, there was no fire and it turned out to be a faulty battery that was on charge, which is hard to believe after the amount of smoke. They also stopped to provide a free fire health and safety assessment of our house. Excellent service, thanks again from me and my family".

Watch Manager Rob Jenkinson

A message of thanks was received from West Yorkshire Police: "I would be grateful if this message was brought to the attention of Watch Commander Rob Jenkinson and the team who were on the day shift on Friday the 28 April.
We can't thank them enough for the courtesy that was extended to us with regards to parking our vehicles, providing a briefing location and tea and coffee etc for our part in the TDY. It's things such as this that made the logistics and planning of working in a different force area far easier. A genuine and sincere thanks to all concerned".

Humberside Fire and Rescue staff

A message was received regarding our attendance at the Civilian Air Raid Memorial which was held on Monday 8 May at the Cenotaph in the Northern Cemetery: "A really big thank you for attending, you all looked amazing, I really appreciate you attending".

Bridlington Fire Station 

A message of thanks has been received by Bridlington Green Watch, praising WM Boyes and the crew for accessing a property through a small upstairs window as the keys were left in the locked doors. It transpired that the owner had collapsed because of sepsis and without the crews actions it would have been a very different outcome: ‘thank you for saving my life and wishing you safe days and nights in all you do’.

June 2017

Withernsea Fire Station

A message of thanks has been received at Withernsea Fire Station, following an incident last week in Holmpton: "Praise for the crew from Withernsea who conducted themselves with utmost professionalism and demonstrated great empathy and understanding of the situation."

Goole Fire Station

A message of thanks was received at Goole Fire Station from a local resident, praising the crew for rescuing a man from a fire: "Many, many thanks to your guys for a prompt and efficient response. And saving a life."

Immingham East Fire Station

A message of thanks was sent to Immingham East Red Watch: "My car caught fire a couple of weeks ago, at midnight, miles from any help, near Killingholme. The crew came incredibly fast, and although I managed to put most of the fire out using a 4 pint carton of milk I had in the car, they stayed and dowsed the engine for a good 10 minutes to make sure it was all out and cooled down. They made sure I was ok and the car was safe before they left. I can't thank you enough guys, considering what could have happened. Keep up the good work!"

FF Kris Illingworth, FF Craig Jackson, CM Wilds

A thank you message was received, thanking FF Kris Illingworth, FF Craig Jackson, CM Wilds and other firefighters who helped transform Tyler Knights garden: "Tyler is losing his sight, has suffered a brain tumour and has ADHD. After doing a charity boxing night to fund a holiday for Tyler, firefighters transformed Tyler’s garden for him to enjoy. Tyler’s face was a  picture upon completion and will now hopefully enjoy the summer sat out there. A patio set and shed kindly donated by FF Kris Illingworth, FF Craig Jackson, CM Wilds.

Amanda Houghton- Education and Development Centre

A letter was received from Lindsey Lodge Hospice. This was sent to Amanda Houghton after she donated a £50 Amazon voucher that fell under the Gifts and Hospitality rules. Lindsey Lodge will be using the voucher to purchase items for one of their room refurbishments.

Goole Fire Station 

A message of thanks was sent to Goole White Watch: "A big thank you to your team at the Dog Show. Really appreciated it a great day and everyone loved having you back."

Clough Road Fire Station, East Hull Fire Station, Central Fire Station and Calvert Lane Station

A member of the public sent in a message of thanks to the crews from Clough Road, East Hull, Central and Calvert Lane:
" I wish to thank the crews who attended a house fire next door to where I live on Mersey St on Monday 19 June at 6pm. The crews responded rapidly they did an excellent job and it was much appreciated."

 Scunthorpe Community Safety Team

A letter of thanks was received by the Community Safety team in Scunthorpe from a resident of Haxey:
"I would like to express my thanks to your staff for the prompt attention I received recently when my smoke alarm failed. They certainly understand the importance of Customer Service whilst dealing with members of the public in a friendly and professional manner."

Goole Fire Station

A letter was received by Goole Fire Station from Hook Parish Council: "On behalf of Hook Parish Council, I would like to thank you for attending the Picnic in the Park event. It was a huge success, thanks again."

July 2017

Bridlington Fire Station

A letter of thanks from Year 6 pupils has been received by Bridlington Red Watch, following their visit as part of the School's World of Work project. 'The pupils were very enthusiastic when reporting their finding back to the rest of the year group'.

Barton Fire Station

A message of thanks has been received by the crew at Barton Fire Station, after Subscribe Past Issues they delivered three sessions with pupils from Barton St Peter's Church of England

Primary School. As part of the School's Super Heroes topic that covers real life heroes, 'Those who delivered the session got it just right for the age of the children and the kids had a fab time.'

East Hull Fire Station

The Foundation teachers have sent a thank you to East Hull Red Watch who recently visited the foundation children at Inmans Primary School in Hedon, 'they were all great with the children who had loads of fun looking at the fire engine and learnt lots back in the classroom about fire safety.'

Humberside Fire and Rescue staff

A card was received from the pupils of Eastfield Primary schools: "Thank you for supporting our school with the Greenpower project. The staff at HFRS went above and beyond to help. Our children have hugely benefited from this experience and are extremely grateful for everyone's contribution"

August 2017

Peaks Lane Fire Station

A message of thanks was received by White Watch at Peaks Lane Fire Station following a visit to the fire station: "I would like to thank you for making myself and my students from Foresight very welcome on our recent visit to your fire station.
The firefighters involved were very patient and understanding of the various special needs of my students.
The 'hands on' practical elements of the fire station tour were appreciated by all students and was successful in influencing those suffering from lack of confidence issues. All students had fun and thoroughly enjoyed themselves whilst learning about the comparison of fire fighting now to that available in 1666".

Bridlington Fire Station 

Red Watch at Bridlington Fire Station have received a message of thanks for their kindness and support after they attended a road traffic accident in Beeford "my son and I are truly grateful for everything."

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service staff 

Following their recent visit to SHQ, the High Sheriff of the East Riding has sent a letter of thanks to those involved, "I would like to thank you very much, it was most interesting to go up in the cage on the ladders and get just a small idea of what it is like to be up there fighting a fire, I found the flying of the drone, most impressive and the technical issues of training the pilots and the constraints of operating the drone was very interesting". 
"Please pass our grateful thanks to the team and everyone involved in our visit on Thursday. All those involved had clearly gone to great lengths to organise a most interesting morning with a combination of activities and interesting talks. We both learnt a lot about the wide ranging activities carried out by HFRS. We enjoyed going up in the hydraulic ladder but didn’t envy your staff who go up the full height of 32 metres! The road safety talk and reality film was dramatic and we could see great benefits in taking that into senior schools".

Peaks Lane Fire Station 

A message of thanks was sent to Peaks Lane White Watch from North East Lincs Council:
"Can you please pass our thanks onto the guys that came and joined in with our Fun Day on Friday. It was a lot of fun.  It was really interesting learning about your new engine. We have a year to plan for our next event, so it will be bigger, and better. Thank you".

Steve Hellewell Service Headquarters

Steve Hellewell has received a message of thanks for attending a recent house flood within the East Riding of Yorkshire. The message said: "Your calm approach set my mind at rest and made me realise I should have called the fire service immediately."

East Riding of Yorkshire - Community Safety Advocates 

A message of thanks was received from a gentleman who had reported a fault with a device used for the hard of hearing. Thanking Heather and Paddy for the home visit the message said: "All your officers have been professional, polite and friendly and have now replaced the device and reassured me."

Withernsea Fire Station

A message of thanks was received from the Community Safety Volunteers, for a fantastic day at Withernsea Fire Station.  Dale and Rachel and other helpers walked Blaze the Bear around Withernsea Valley Gardens. 
"I would like to take this opportunity to say I always enjoy working with Humberside Fire and Rescue and we all hope that there will be more occasions where the Fire Service will utilise the Community Safety Volunteers."

Amanda Houghton - Education and Development Centre

Lindsey Lodge Hospice sent a message of thanks for the Amazon gift voucher kindly donated to the hospice.  They said "We have recently opened a café inside the hospice and used your gift to purchase a baby changing unit which will hopefully encourage more people and children to visit the hospice for a cuppa". 
Thank you again for the lovely gesture, please do drop in for a brew next time you’re passing.

Pocklington Fire Station

Crews from Pocklington Fire Station received a message of thanks for attending a local bin fire, the message said "They did an amazing job attending so quickly and I was really impressed". 

Hull Central Fire Station

A message of thanks was received from a member of the public visiting Hull and staying at a city centre hotel. The message said "The lift jammed around the 5th floor and we were rescued by one of your fire teams. The alarm was sounded and the hotel was evacuated very quickly. Terrific job".  

Hornsea Fire Station

The station has received a message of thanks, after a member of public sought advice following concerns with a nearby bonfire. "The crew could not have done a better job and they put our minds at rest. Thanks again for your help, it was very much appreciated".

September 2017

The Education and Development Centre

The Education and Development Centre received a message of thanks from Matt Conway, a Programme Manager at Hull City Tigers Trust for supporting the delivery of their National Citizenship Scheme over the summer period to hundreds of young people who participated in practical drills while gaining valuable
fire, water and road safety information, advice and guidance.Matt Conway said "As the summer National Citizenship Scheme comes to an end this week, I just want to thank you for being part of successful summer delivery and thank you to all involved".

Amanda Houghton, East Hull Fire Station and Clough Road Fire Station

As part of Dove House's Health & Safety Week the Charity send their thanks to Technical Fire Safety Advocate, Amanda Houghton for the information about Fire Safety and the crews from East Hull Fire Station and Clough Road Fire Station for providing vehicles for the hospice staff.
"Everyone asking for information received great advice and the children were very happy with stickers that reminded them and their parents about smoke alarms in the home".

HFRS staff at the UKRO Challenge 2017

The service has recieved a couple of messages of thanks following the UKRO Challenge 2017.  Public safety organised a Safety Village at the KCOM Stadium and on the Friday they had organised visits from nearby schools.  the first message is from Adelaide Primary School who thanks those involved in the activities "We had a really lovely morning at your event and the children got a lot from it.  The fast-paced, short sharp activities really suited our children.  Many thanks for all the organisation and to everyone for being so friendly."

As well as the school visits the Public Safety Village also had stands for partner agencies and organisations.  Jo Clark who co-ordinated the attendees at the Public Safety Village has received a message of thanks from Hull Samaritans for inviting them to the UKRO Challenge event, the letter says "We were extremely pleased to be part of this and thank you for looking after us." 

Public Safety apprentices Bethany Hindley and Kamrul Islam 

Bethany and Kamrul received a message of thanks from Jo Clark at Public Safety North Lincolnshire. 
"I would like to say a huge thank you to you both for all your hard work on Friday at the UKRO Challenge event at KCOM stadium, it was very much appreciated how you ran around all day and helped to make the day the success it was.

East Hull Fire Station White Watch and Katrena Dent

A message of thanks was received from a couple, who recently visited East Hull Fire Station arranged by Katrena Dent. It read “Thank you to Mrs Katrena Dent for making the necessary arrangements and also thank you to White Watch who made the visit very interesting and memorable. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they made us feel completely at home during our nostalgic wander around the station”.

Dove House Hospice

A message of thanks was received on behalf of patients, relatives and staff at Dove House.  Humberside Fire and Rescue Service kindly donated of £71.49.   

October 2017

Beverley Fire Station

Beverley Fire Station received a message of thanks from class SD at Bridgeview School, for showing the class around the station.
The children thoroughly enjoyed the trip, which will help the children with their half term theme. Bridgeview School said the fire crew were fun, professional, informative and interacted brilliantly with the children. We are especially grateful for them facilitating this tour in their own time.

Bransholme Fire Station 

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Nick Hill and the rest of Red Watch on behalf of all the Foundation Stage children and staff at Spring Cottage Primary School. We really enjoyed your visit this afternoon and all of the firefighters were brilliant with our children who are aged 3-5. They were excited to go home and tell their parents all about it. I have also added pictures to our school Facebook page and twitter account.


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