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Message of thanks

On this page you will find a summary of the messages of thanks we have received in 2017.

January 2017

Beverley Fire Station

A message of thanks has been received from a member of the public. They expressed their sincere thanks for the efforts of a firefighter from Beverley Fire Station. They described the firefighter, who showed their son around the appliance and equipment, as a credit to the organisation. The station visit made their young boy's day.


A letter has also been received from Dove House Hospice thanking the Service for its continued support and generosity throughout 2016.

Bransholme Fire Station White Watch

A message of thanks has been received from a family member of a lady who was assisted by Bransholme White Watch and FF Aistrop and FF Wood of Hull FIRST (Falls Team). The response and support provided went over and above the lady's expectation. The professionalism and compassion shown by the attending crews supported the individual in times of sorrow.


The service has received a thank you letter for a member of the public who attended the launch of the UK City of Culture 2017 fire engine.

February 2017

North East Lincs Public Safety 

A message of thanks has been received from a Grimsby resident, to say thank you for the service offered by North East Lincs Public Safety Advocates Shona Tinch and Julie Smith. She commended their informative friendly approach.


The Service has received a letter of thanks from Northern Gas Networks, thanking those who supported and responded in Withernsea during the recent loss of gas supply. The efforts of all involved ensured that gas supplies were reinstated with minimal disruption to residents and local businesses.

Public Safety South Bank 

A message expressing thanks to Public Safety South Bank Technician Nicky Cousins has been received. The message stated that Nicky "was brilliant and could not have done enough during a home safety visit". The advice she issued was very valuable and much appreciated.

Goole Fire Station Red Watch

Newport Primary School sent in a message of appreciation for the efforts of Goole Red Watch and Dave Dillion of Public Safety North Bank. The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit. All were commended for their engaging approach.


The Service has received a message of thanks from Yorkshire Ambulance Service following the attendance of the Hull FIRST team to a report of a patient in cardiac arrest. The message praises the action of the team whilst performing CPR, which resulted in a Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC) to the patient, and the patient being transferred to Hospital in a stable condition.

Peaks Lane Fire station

The family of Station Officer John Andrews sent their thanks to the Peaks Lane crew who attended his funeral. Their presence was greatly appreciated by his family.

Central Fire Station White Watch

Hull Central White Watch have received a message of thanks from a resident following a Safe and Well visit. The resident praised the crews for the service they offered. She now feels more confident about her safety following their visit.


A message of thanks has been recieved from a member of the public who was extricated from her vehicle following a road traffic collision on Friday 13 January. She stated all attending crews were "amazingly brilliant", in particular FF Thomas, who kept her calm and reassured throughout.


The Service has received a message of thanks from Councillor Joyce Korczak of Hull. She expressed her sincere appreciation for the professionalism and sensitivity shown by Clough Road Green Watch during an incident within her ward. She states all in attendance were a credit to themselves and the Service.

March  2017

Clough Road

The Service has received a message of thanks from the Active Day Care Team, Hull. They sent their thanks and appreciation to Clough Road Green Watch for allowing them to visit the station. The friendly nature of all the crew created an experience that their members won't forget.

North Bank Community Safety

A member of the public has sent a letter of thanks. They would like to thank Davina Cunningham of the North Bank Community Safety Team for her efforts and willingness to help.

Pocklington Fire Station

Thank you so much for @HumbersideFire who came to see Year 1 @PockPrep this afternoon - a great time was had by all!

Cromwell Road

A member of the public would like to thank Nicky and Lindsey of Cromwell Road for their help and advice provided on a recent visit. The resident found the visit extremely beneficial.

April  2017

North Lincolnshire CPU

Following a recent visit, a member of the public has sent a letter of thanks for the prompt service provided by the staff at North Lincolnshire CPU, in particular Jane Pearson. She expressed her gratitude to all involved and left a donation towards the Firefighters Charity. 

Barton Station

Barton Station have received a letter of thanks from the family of Retired Sub Officer Fred Thompson. Fred sadly passed away on 15 March 2017. His family were grateful for the Guard of Honour and attendance of the Barton crew at his funeral last week.

Withernsea Station

A message of thanks was received thanking Carl Frith from Withernsea who attended an incident as a First Responder to assist a man in Withernsea. The man thanked Carl for saving his life. 

Hull Central White

A letter of thanks and a box of chocolates were received by Hull Central White Watch, following a rescue from a locked vehicle were the alarm was going off on Lineus Street, Hull. The rescued person said "to my rescuers, thank you, keep safe, the noise from the car was awful, enjoy the treats ”.


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