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Customer Service Feedback

It is important that we have your opinion on how we are providing services to our local communities.

By completing the Customer Service Feedback questionnaire, you are helping us to continually improve the many services we offer. Please click here for a printable version of the form.

On this page you will find a summary of quotes from the customer service feedback we have received in 2015 and 2016.

January 2017

East Riding "We think the service we received was excellent". Home Safety Visit.
Hull "The talk we were given was excellent and covered everything we needed our parents to be aware of". Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire " Absolutely marvelous, the service and kindness was 100% from all the Fire Service. Home Safety Visit.


December 2016

East Riding " I would like to praise the speed and professionalism of the firemen responding. The help and advice given was very much appreciated." Emergency Response.
Hull " The service I recieved was very good". Home Safety Visit.
North Lincolnshire " Nothing more could have been done". Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire " I was not eligiable for smoke detectors". Public Referral.


November 2016

East Riding " Highly satisfield with service given". Home Safety Visit.
Hull " Everything about the service was fantastic, couldn't have done anymore to help". Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire " The service received on this particular night certainly couldn’t be improved. Everyone was amazing. Thanks". Emergency Responce.

October 2016

East Riding " I am very grateful for you coming out and fitting me some smoke alarms". Home Safety Visit.
Hull " The children loved the visit and are so excited as well as the staff. Thank you so much you were fantastic. School Safety Awareness
North Lincolnshire " You do a brilliant job". Public Referral.
North East Lincolnshire " If everyone is treated in the manner we were,  I don’t think it can be improved upon thank you". Home Safety Visit.

September 2016

East Riding " We are more than happy with your services". Home Safety Visit.
Hull " Excellent service and timely response by knowledgeable firemen". Emergency Response.
North Lincolnshire " The officers were quick, friendly and efficient. Also the officer put things in place quickly. Well done". Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire " All our students engaged well, participating in everything. The presentation made the students think more about outside activities and how dangerous they can be". School Safety Awareness.

August 2016

East Riding " Please could you pass on my many thanks to the fire crew and ambulance crew who came out to get my husband down stairs, thankyou once again". Home Safety Visit.
Hull " I would like to say thanks to every member of the fire service involved , they have been so professional and helpful especially Jo, who we now class as a friend". Post Fire Incident.
North Lincolnshire " Everybody we spoke to was most helpful , friendly and polite". Fire Risk Awareness.

July 2016

East Riding " After the tragic fire in our village, smoke alarms were fitted by the Fire Service in a better place than our prevous ones and good advice was given. Thank you".  Home Safety Visit.

North Lincolnshire " I telephoned for free smoke alarms to be fitted and was taken through an assessment questionaire. My household did not meet the critiria for this or deemed as vulnerable. Information was given over the telephone on where to purchase new smoke alarms and a Fire Safety Information pack was posted out to me". Enquiry for Home Safety Visit.

North East Lincolnshire " May I say how reassuring the Fire Brigade were". Home Safety Visit.

June 2016

East Riding " Cannot fault the service provided". Home Safety Visit.
Hull " The gentleman that came was wonderful with my 93 year old mother, he explained everything very carefully to her". Home Safety Visit.
North Lincolnshire " The service provided was first class". Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire " It was a superb visit. Your staff are a credit to you. They listened and taught our year 1 children (not easy) and engaged them beautifully . As a deputy head we often pay a great deal for opportunities like this. This easy matched them , thankyou so much".  School Safety Awareness.

May 2016

East Riding " The service was excellent and could not be improved so helpful and informative". Home Safety Visit.
Hull " Never had a visit from the Fire Service in all the twelve years I have been using oxygen. I am really pleased with the visit". Home Safety Visit.
North Lincolnshire " The fire consequences course informed the young people about the seriousness of fires, hopefully they have now learnt their lesson". Fire Risk Awareness.
North East Lincolnshire " I would like to say thankyou very much to the lady on the phone in the Public Safety Centre who was very helpful". Enquiry for Home Safety Visit.

April 2016

East Riding " The lady who called was most helpful and very charming, a credit to your Service, thank you". Fire Risk Awareness.
North Lincolnshire "It’s a shame that only certain people who fall under certain categories are eligible for a Home Safety Visit. I was disappointed that I did not qualify. The Community Safety Pack was helpful". Public Referral.
North East Lincolnshire " Students really enjoyed the session and have learned a lot which will help them in their work , thankyou". Fire Risk Awareness.

March 2016

East Riding " Brilliant presentation, professional and well recieved. Thank you". Road Safety Presentation.
Hull " The service and care by the Fire Service was so much appreciated". Home Safety Visit.
North Lincolnshire " Quick and courteous service provided". Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire " Inform customer if possible when services were coming and give a time slot". Home Safety Visit.

February 2016

East Riding " Two pleasant and capable ladies". Home Safety Visit.
Hull " Very friendly and knowledgable". Home Safety Visit.
North Lincolnshire " The crew were fantastic, cant thank them enough". Emergency Response.
North East Lincolnshire " No improvements needed, friendly helpful people". Home Safety Visit.

January 2016

East Riding “ please continue to employ such well informed proffessional staff". Fire Risk Awareness.
Hull “Very good service, was very polite and informative. ”. Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire “First class service”.Home Safety Visit.

December 2015

East Riding “You where amazing thank you”. Home Safety Visit. 
North Lincolnshire “Excellent service. Improvement not necessary”. Home Safety Visit.
Hull “The two ladies that visited my home were both very polite , informative and pleasant, a credit to your team”.Home Safety Visit.

November 2015

East Riding “Service excellent, difficult to improve”. Home Safety Visit. 
Hull “We have been one of the lucky ones, I thank all the team who came to my house to talk to my son”. Fire Risk Awareness.
North Lincolnshire“Brilliant service. Very educational”. Road Safety Presentation.

October 2015

East Riding “Thanks for your help”. Home Safety Visit. 
North East Lincolnshire “I think the projector would have been clearer in a darker room”. Road Safety Presentation.
North Lincolnshire “Good, informative and thought provoking”. Fire Risk Awareness.

September 2015

East Riding “why try to improve upon perfection”. Home Safety Visit.
North Lincolnshire“Brilliant service. Very educational”. Road Safety Presentation.
North East Lincolnshire“very positive response from your team”. Home Safety Visit.

August 2015

East Riding “I have found your people extremely kind and comforting to me”. Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire “Excellent Service.”. Home Safety Visit.
North Lincolnshire “The service could not be improved” Home Safety Visit.

July 2015

Hull “Excellent service, well done”. Home Safety Visit.
East Riding “Your service was superb, it would be impossible to improve on it”. Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire “I was very pleased with both ladies they were both polite and very nice”. Home Safety Visit.

June 2015

East Riding “No improvement needed with the Officer that came today”. Home Safety Visit.
Hull “The Officers were courteous and informative “. Home Safety Visit.
North Lincolnshire “The service we received could not be improved. The staff were excellent”. Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire “Always room for improvement, we are learning new things every day”. Home Safety Visit.

May 2015

East Riding “Excellent service, thank you”. Home Safety Visit.
Hull “Advice given by all staff of Humberside Fire and Rescue Service has been excellent even the rubbish and dumped matters left at the top of the street has been cleared which was arranged by the Fire Service”.Emergency Response.
North Lincolnshire “did not know what to expect but made to feel very much at ease”. Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire “Very thorough and helpful visit. The information and guidance provided has helped improve our awareness and knowledge”. Home Safety Visit.

April 2015

East Riding “All ok with me. Very sociable, helpful and caring”. Home Safety Visit.
Hull “I’m truly grateful for the service”. Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire “When talking to the elderly the speech needs to be SLOW as well as clear and loud enough”. Fire Risk Awareness.
North Lincolnshire “I was very pleased with the service so no improvement needed thank you”. Home Safety Visit.

March 2015

East Riding “Excellent service and excellent support”. Emergency Response.
East Riding “Honest feedback, highlighting possible dangers”. Home Safety Visit.
Hull “I would say your service is excellent”. Home Safety Visit.
Hull “Fantastic service, very friendly staff and very professional”. Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire “I would not change anything. All staff are very polite, helpful, easy to communicate. I’m happy with the service thank you”. Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire “Very informative talk”. Home Safety Visit.
North Lincolnshire “Very Happy with service”. Home Safety Visit.
North Lincolnshire “Service cannot be improved”. Home Safety Visit.

February 2015

Hull “The service we received by your two advocates was excellent and we were well informed”. Home Safety Visit.
Hull “We were extremely satisfied with the aftercare service and help”. Emergency Response.
East Riding “Service was excellent from arranging home visit on the phone and the ladies who came to install the smoke alarms. I don’t feel there could be any improvement”. Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire “The service we were provided with could not be improved on as it was excellent”.Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire “ Very satisfied with service provided”. Home Safety Visit.

January 2015

Hull “There is nothing I can say to improve the service. I would just like to say how good the advocates were who came to see me. They explained everything to me and not at me which was good. They were good men who did a good job. I congratulate them. Thank you”. Home Safety Visit
Hull “The response from our initial request and attitude of staff was first class, a credit to an already good service”. Home Safety Visit. 
East Riding “ The lady and gentleman were so very nice, warm hearted and I am pleased after there visit”. Home Safety Visit.
East Riding “ I would like to say that your service all-round is just purely excellent and I can not fault it. You are first class. My dear wife and I could not ask for more. We are both very satisfied and we thank you all ever so much for helping us both”. Home Safety Visit.
North East Lincolnshire Very speedy response, thank you”. Emergency Response.


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