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Technical Fire Safety Inspector

Humberside Fire Authority has a statutory duty for enforcing The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This legislation applies to all non-domestic premises and includes offices, shops, care homes, community halls, pubs, clubs, restaurants, schools, marquees, hotels, hostels, factories and warehouses.

Our risk based inspection programme is designed to reduce the risk and impact of fire on our local businesses, as well as helping to safeguard firefighters who respond to incidents. This programme is carried out by specialist Technical Fire Safety Inspectors.

Technical Fire Safety Inspectors carry out fire safety audits of premises to enable enforcement of the relevant fire safety legislation and offer guidance in order to determine solutions to hazards and risks identified through inspection, investigation and complaints. Although these solutions are often as a result of compliance with regulations and codes of practice, the methodology often requires initiative, interpretation skills and creative thinking.

Inspectors also evaluate fire safety design submissions and monitor the progress of new or refurbished premises for compliance with the requirements/recommendations made under the relevant fire safety legislation. They consult with Building Control Bodies, local authorities and other regulatory agencies on fire safety matters, hazards and associated risks for the planned construction, demolition and alteration of buildings.

Technical Fire Safety Inspectors need highly developed interpersonal skills to interact with staff, individuals responsible for fire safety, members of the public, local authority representatives, Building Control Bodies and other agencies. They also require excellent written communication skills to enable the effective performance of their main tasks, together with experience of producing detailed technical reports and letters and preparing and delivering presentations.

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