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We Deal With Other Emergencies

We are trained and equipped to deal with a wide range of emergencies including animal rescues, spillages of dangerous chemicals, which endanger life of the environment; local and wide area flooding, road traffic collisions, aircraft incidents and railway incidents. Some of these emergencies are classed as Special Service Calls and therefore may be subject to charges.

We provide a professional and skilled emergency response service 24 hours a day, every day of the year, as well as providing a range of other services throughout the Humberside area.

Special service calls

When our staff and equipment are required for a service other than firefighting, it will be referred to as a ‘Special Service Call’ and may be either ‘emergency’ or ‘non-emergency’. Section 19 of the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 (The 2004 Act) allows the Secretary of State, following consultation, to set out the services for which a Fire and Rescue Authority may charge, and the people who may be subject to that charge. These issues are further clarified by Statutory Instrument 2305. The 2004 Act increases the number of statutory duties placed upon Fire and Rescue Authorities and widens the scope for the range of services that may attract a charge. However, Fire and Rescue Authorities are prohibited from making a charge for emergency medical assistance and extinguishing fires or protecting life and property in the event of fires (except at or under the sea).

For full details of the procedure and the applicable charges please click here and go to Item 15.

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